Light Tower and Stadium

Application: Providing lighting for wide open urban and suburban environments (sports complexes, etc.)

Technical specifications of the product:

The body of this type of tower has a 6, 8 and 12 sided structure according to ASCE 48-05 standard and 519 regulations and is made of ST37 sheet of construction steel group.

It is designed and built telescopically for ease of installation and transportation

The height of the bases is between 9 and 35 meters and even more with the ability of moving head

The ability to install a ladder with a guard for towers without a gearbox motor

Using a mechanical interlock locking mechanism to increase the reliability factor

Covering all hot-dip galvanized parts with an average thickness of 90 microns

Using the balance system to reduce excessive pressure on the lifting system (gearbox engine)

The use of flashing lights, lightning rod, rain protection cap, appropriate control and steering circuit and balanced arm system (rubber) are some of the safety and security measures considered in these towers.