Metal Structures



Gritting is used to make flooring, fuzzy foundations, spiral stairs or flooring around tanks and space construction in the oil, gas and petrochemical, marine and shipbuilding, urban and construction industries, etc.

Technical Specifications :

All the specifications of the production gratings of this company are produced in accordance with ANSI/NAAMM MBG 531, ANSI/NAAMM MBG 532, BS 4592, and DIN 24531 standards, using argon welding and 304 steel sheet, and are the most suitable option for sanitary and industrial environments. It is food. It also has a thickness of at least 80 microns hot-dip galvanized


This product is used to decorate bridges, squares, exhibition spaces, etc. In the production of these products, aluminum pulleys and steel core tow wire are used to design and install the rotation flag system to place the flag in the direction of the wind, with lightning rods, flashing lights and rain caps. These foundations are made in the height of 3 to 75 meters, in two types, tubular and multi-directional, with color coating and hot-dip galvanizing.