Power Transmission Mast

The power transmission mast products of Nafedah Alforat Alawsat Company are divided into two categories: mesh masts and telescopic masts.


These metal towers are usually made of corners and sheets, and all the production steps of these towers’ parts are done inside the factory, from cutting, bending, holes, etc., bolts and nuts are used for assembly. All these bases have three common parts: body, arms (cross arms) and base.


The advantage of these masts compared to mesh masts is that they occupy much less space. This feature makes telescopic masts the first choice for power transmission lines in cities, where there is less space and also in places where the price of land is much higher. The structure of telescopic power towers is similar to telescopic lighting bases. Tubular bases are made of metal pipe parts in such a way that the diameter of the lower parts is larger and gradually decreases towards the top. Normally, tubular metal bases are used for electricity distribution network, street lighting, and sometimes telecommunication lines.